Suppliers on Upstock can set up standing orders for their customers. Here’s how to manage the standing orders you have set up.

Reviewing an upcoming standing order

If a supplier has set up a standing order for you, you’ll get an email saying you’ve got an upcoming order. This will show what's in the order and the cut-off time for making changes.

You can confirm the order as-is, make changes, or cancel the order.

Confirming the order as-is

If you don’t need to make any changes, confirm the order as-is. The order will be sent to the supplier to start fulfilling.

Once you confirm an order, you can no longer make changes. However, you can still leave a comment for the supplier.

Editing the order

Often, standing orders need to be adjusted each week based on what you have in stock. If you need to add items or adjust quantities, you can edit your upcoming standing order. Once you’ve edited the order it will be sent to the supplier to fulfil.

Cancelling the order

If you don’t need the order, you can cancel it.

You’ll get the option to cancel just this week’s order or put all standing orders for the supplier on hold. If you put standing orders on hold, you can set a date for them to automatically resume.

Tip: If you don’t take any action, the standing order will be automatically placed at cut-off time.

Adjusting your standing order settings

Currently, only suppliers can add standing orders, change which day they're delivered, and set what’s included each week. To change how you standing order is set up, please get in touch with the supplier.

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