The production report gives you a tally of all the products that need to be shipped within a given period. If you make your own products, or you have high order volumes, this report is perfect for you.

Selecting a production period

To get started, use the filter to set the status and ship date of the orders you want to report on.

Tip: you can report on previous period by choosing a custom ship date range.

Previewing the data

Once you've updated the filter, you’ll be shown all products from those orders, with the total quantity for each product.

Tip: if you want to check which orders are included, go to your orders list and filter the orders by the same criteria.

Exporting full data

You can export the report data to a spreadsheet, for further organisation or analysis.

Unlike the summarised data that's shown in the main report, the export includes the full underlying data. This gives you a lot of flexibility for how it can be used.

The data is exported as a CSV file, which can be imported into most spreadsheet apps, e.g. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Each row includes:

  • Customer name

  • Order number

  • Order created date

  • Product description

  • Product code

  • Quantity

  • Order delivery date

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We'd love to hear what you think about the production report. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.

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