There are a number of easy ways you can gain new customers and increase order volumes using Upstock.

  • Join the Upstock directory. This is how buyers find your brand on Upstock. In the app, simply go to Settings > Business Profile and be sure the option to "Show my profile in the directory" is ticked.

  • Link to your Upstock wholesale signup page. We'll create a branded wholesale signup page just for you. You should link to this page from 3 different places: from your website, from your email signature, and you should send an email announcement to your customers.

Suppliers get an increase in new stockists when they have an Upstock wholesale signup page.

For example, Six Barrel Soda Co. have a page on their own website for wholesale ordering. On that wholesale page they explain how they use Upstock for wholesale orders and they link to their Upstock signup page – just for Six Barrel buyers.

Six Barrel has experienced a surge in new stockists from their Upstock signup page, because it makes it so easy for stockists to start ordering. Read more about their experience with Upstock.

It’s easy to create a wholesale signup page...

  1. Send us 1-2 short sentences with an overview of your brand and your products (or you can fill out the form on this page)

  2. We'll download your logo and some images from your website.

  3. We’ll create your Upstock signup page for you!

  4. Add a link from your website to your Upstock wholesale signup page.

Having a link to Upstock from your website makes it super easy for new wholesale customers to start ordering. It also makes your wholesale signup page findable through search engines, which is a great way to gain new stockists.

For best results, follow these easy instructions to get your existing customers using Upstock for placing their orders on Upstock. This slashes your workload, plus it leads to increased order volumes.

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