Here are a few ways you can gain new customers and increase order volumes using Upstock...

Create a wholesaler page

A wholesaler page showcases your brand and products to the buyers on Upstock. Suppliers usually see an increase in new customers after adding their brand. It's quick to get set up and free!

Create a wholesaler page

Share your wholesaler page

Your wholesaler page makes it easy for customers to start ordering from you, so it's a good idea to start sharing it everywhere you do business. Check out our guide for how and where to share.

Sharing your wholesaler page

Post to your newsfeed

You can use your newsfeed to promote specials, offers, product updates, news and more. It’s a great way to gain new customers and engage with your existing customers.

Learn more about newsfeeds

Get a QR code invite

Customers can scan your unique QR code to connect and start ordering. If you visit customers, it's helpful to have this ready on your phone.

To get a QR code, chat with our team in the app.

Upgrade to our Marketplace or Logistics plan

Our paid plans include social and email campaigns, as well as a featured listing in the wholesaler directory.

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