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Sharing your wholesaler page
Sharing your wholesaler page

Make it super easy for your customers to start ordering

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Your wholesaler page is the quickest way for customers to sign up and start ordering from you, so it's a really good idea to start sharing it everywhere you do business.

1 – Add your wholesaler page link to your website

Most companies take advantage of their Upstock wholesaler pages by adding a link to their own website.

By adding a link to your Upstock wholesaler page prominently on your website, new customers can sign up and start ordering your products instantly – rather than having to fill out a form and wait for you to send a product list. We will verify that they're a legitimate business.

We've also made a super easy Upstock Website Widget – you can just copy and paste the code on a page on your website.

For example, Skinny Fizz have found their Upstock wholesaler page to be so fast that they've entirely replaced their wholesale sign up form on their website, and now direct customers straight to their Upstock wholesaler page to sign up. Hakanoa, Baxters Original, Plant Projects are all great examples of how you could add the link to your website.

If you need help adding your wholesaler page as a link to your website, chat with us in the app – we've got a developer team that's happy to help you.

2 – Add your wholesaler page link to your email signature

Many of the suppliers on Upstock also include a link to their wholesaler page in their email signature, which allows their customers to easily order from them with a couple of taps – and serves as a reminder to order from you whenever you email them.

For example, Baron Hasselhoffs has an email signature that encourages their customers to sign up for Upstock – since it makes everyone's lives easier:

3 – Email your customers about joining Upstock

Now that you're on Upstock, it's a great idea to let your customers know you've joined the platform – it makes your life easy to get customers ordering from the app rather than leaving late-night voicemails. All you have to do is send them a link to your wholesaler page. Here's a great example from Grey Roasting Co:

And that's it! Once you've done all 3 of these steps, it will reinforce to customers you want them to do their ordering through Upstock – saving valuable time on both sides of the order. How good.

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