A wholesaler page is a place to showcase your brand and your products to the buyers on the Upstock platform. Each brand on Upstock has its own page, including a logo, images, and a description.

An example of an Upstock wholesaler page for Almighty Beverages

Suppliers typically see an increase in new stockists when they have an Upstock wholesale signup page. It also means that buyers using Upstock can start ordering your products instantly.

Creating a wholesale page

  1. Simply head to your business profile. There you can add a logo, images, a description, your business categories and delivery areas

  2. When you hit save, we'll create your wholesaler page on our website. If you've uploaded at least 1 image, and your profile is live & visible in the directory, you'll be able to find your page at upstock.app/wholesalers after hitting save.

  3. Done. Start sharing your wholesaler page link!

What is the wholesaler directory?

The Upstock wholesaler directory is visible at upstock.app/wholesalers – it's a collection of all of the suppliers on the Upstock platform. You can list your brand under a specific category, like drinks, or dry goods, for example. We'll ask for your category when you fill out the wholesaler page form.

Thousands of buyers visit this page every month since it's a great collection of local suppliers for them to explore and try.

Getting featured in the directory

Suppliers on the Upstock Marketplace and Logistics plans are automatically featured in the wholesaler directory. This means that they appear prominently in the directory under the featured tab. It's the default tab for all buyers, which typically leads to more sign-ups.

Sharing your wholesaler page

After you've created a wholesaler page, the next step is to share it far and wide for customers to start using. We've even got a whole article for the top tips when sharing your wholesaler page:

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