Standing orders help you save time and achieve more consistent order volumes. You don't have to remind customers to order, or manually enter orders for them.

Adding a standing order

You can add a standing order on a customer’s profile. Choose the products you want to include, then enter quantities on the day delivery is due.


Orders are automatically created 24 hours before your cut-off time and sent to the customer to review. They're then ready to process at cut-off time. You can adjust this in your order settings.

A summary of the day you’re editing is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Customers make their own adjustments

Customers often need to make small changes to their orders each week. To save you time, Upstock allows customers to make these adjustments themselves.

Customers are notified about their upcoming order. They can then make adjustments or confirm the order as-is.

The order status changes from scheduled to ordered when it's ready for you to process. This happens when the customer confirms the order, or automatically when the review period ends.

Putting standing orders on hold

Sometimes customers need to put their standing order on hold temporarily. E.g. if they close down over a holiday period.

You can put a standing order on hold on a customer's profile. You can also set a date for it to automatically resume, so you don’t need to remember to turn it back on.

Getting an overview

The customers section gives you an overview of all the standing orders you have running. If any are on hold, it will show in the status.

Delivery days & cut-off times

Standing orders are created based on your delivery days and cut-off times. You can review these in your order settings. We recommend doing this before adding any standing orders.

Tip: if you turn off a delivery day, standing orders for that day will stop.

Adjusting when orders are ready to process

If you’d like orders to be ready to process a few hours before each day’s cut-off time, you can adjust this in your order settings.

Keep in mind, this means customers will have a shorter time to review orders.

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