Connecting your Dear account allows orders to flow from your customers into Dear, saving you having to manually enter them.

It also lets you import your existing products and contacts, making it a breeze to get up and running on Upstock 🏃🏽‍♀️

Connecting your Dear account

To connect your Dear account, go to Settings › Integrations.

You’ll need to get some details about your Dear account to connect. We’ve created a short guide to show you where to get this info.

Tip: If your business uses both Dear and Xero, just connect your Dear account to Upstock. Your Dear - Xero integration will continue to work as normal.

Importing contacts

Once your account is connected, your contacts will be imported. The team at Upstock will do this for you. To get started, please get in touch

Importing products

To import your Dear products, go to Products › Import products. Select the products you want to make available to customers on Upstock, then hit import.

Note that any services you’ve added to Dear will not be included.

Ordering workflow

Once your customers and products are added you can start taking orders.

Here’s how it works...

  1. Customers place orders using Upstock, saving you having to enter them.

  2. You review the order in Upstock and make any changes needed, such as adjusting quantities or adding freight charges.

  3. When you approve an order in Upstock, a sale is automatically created in Dear. This can be created as Draft (‘Ordering’ status) or Authorised (‘Ordered’ status), let us know which you’d prefer.

  4. You can then fulfil the order in the normal way in Dear. When the order is shipped in Dear, it will also be marked as shipped in Upstock (this change may take around 10 mins).

Tip: once an order has been approved in Upstock, no other changes to the items are synced between Upstock and Dear.


When you import your Dear products and customers, the prices associated with them will be imported as well 🙌🏽

Prices in Upstock are managed with our price lists feature. Upstock will automatically create price lists that reflect your Dear prices.

Dear has a number of different ways to set prices. Here’s what will be imported into Upstock…

Dear pricing

Supported by Upstock

Price tiers

Customer specific prices

Customer level discounts

Product level discounts


Volume discounts


Deal coupons


Tip: If you wish to apply discounts within Dear, having Upstock create orders in a draft state allows you to do so manually or automatically.


If your customers in Dear have a shipping address or billing address, these will show on orders automatically.

If a customer has multiple addresses we can support this by adding a custom field in Upstock. This will ensure the correct address is used when creating an order. Talk to our team about setting this up.

Updating products, prices & customers

Upstock will automatically import changes to your products, prices and customers.

Changes are imported periodically. If you need them straight away, you can manually import changes by going to Price lists › Sync Dear prices.

Sales representative

If a sales representative is set for the customer in Dear it will be honoured, otherwise orders are set to API Sales.


We only support 15% GST tax rules currently.







If no reference is supplied this will be set to the Upstock order number

Order comment

Shipping notes

Only the first comment is supplied to this field. Ensure you check Upstock for further comments.

Order date

Order date

Delivery date

Required date / ship by date


You can disconnect your Dear account at any time by going to Settings › Integrations, then clicking Disconnect.

Give us feedback

We’d love to hear what you think about our Dear integration. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.

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