To get your account up and running quickly, you can import your products from a file, such as a spreadsheet or CSV.

What to include

  • Product name — include quantity & units, e.g. 'Cola 12 × 250ml'

  • Product code — e.g. a SKU or barcode

  • Standard price (optional) — standard wholesale price, excluding GST

You'll only need to include prices if you plan to use our price lists feature. If you’re distributing products produced by another business, include the brand name, e.g. 'Fizzpop Soda - Cola 12 × 250ml'.

Get a template

To get started, download our template. It includes a few examples to show what’s required.

What happens next?

Once your list is uploaded, our team will process the file and add the products to your account. We’ll notify you as soon as it’s completed.

Get help

Our team is here to help. If you have any questions, please get in touch

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