What went wrong?

The Apple or Google account you’ve logged in with is not associated with an Upstock account. If you have an existing Upstock account, it will be under a different email address.

How do I fix this?

You'll need to log back in with the details you originally signed up with.

If you've forgotten your login details, don't worry! You can reset your password from the login screen. If you’ve forgotten which email address you signed up with, please contact support

If you normally log in with Apple or Google, check that you’ve chosen the correct account. When selecting the Apple or Google account, double check the email address.

Using Apple or Google to log in

Once you have access to your account, you might want to link your Apple or Google account, so you can use them to access Upstock in future. Here’s how to do it

Still having trouble getting access?

If you’re still having issues accessing your account, please get in touch — we’re happy to help!

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