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Products in Upstock are matched with those in your accounting or inventory app. This allows orders to flow from Upstock to the connected app, saving you having to manually enter them.

In some situations a product in Upstock may not be matched to a product in your connected app. This article covers how this can occur and how to fix it.

Why are some products not matched?

This can occur for a few reasons. The product may have been created before you connected your accounting or inventory app. Or, the other app may have been disconnected at some stage.

How to fix an unmatched product

Go to Products › Import products. If a product in your accounting or inventory app has the same code, this will show in the list of products that can be imported. Select the product and import it.

If there are no products with the same code in your connected app, you’ll need to create one, then import it into Upstock.

Tip: hover over the status to see other changes that will be imported. If the price or name are different in Xero, these changes will be imported, updating what you have in Upstock.

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