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Adding your wholesaler page to your website
Adding your wholesaler page to your website

Use our quick widget to give customers an easy way to sign up and start ordering

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Adding a link from your website to your brand page on Upstock is one of the most effective ways to get customers to place wholesale orders with you.

Many suppliers asked us for an easy way to add a link to their website, so we've done just that!

Introducing the Upstock Website Widget!

The Upstock widget lives on your website as a simple way to point customers to your Upstock wholesaler page.

We've created a quick video to show you how to add Upstock to your website – this quick tutorial is recorded using a Shopify website, but the process is very similar for any other website editor.

It's super easy:

  1. Find your wholesaler page in the Upstock directory if you can't find your brand in the directory, check your business profile settings in the Upstock app:

    1. Be sure you have at least 1 image visible

    2. Your brand is set to visible at the bottom of the page

    3. Your account has been activated

  2. Once on your wholesaler page, on your keyboard tap the letter Z 3 times in a row (Z Z Z) to bring up your widget code

  3. Copy the code and paste it onto a page on your website – and be sure to publish your changes!

If you use something else for your website backend, and would like to see a video tutorial for it, let us know what you use for your website backend.

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