Product images help your customers find the right products to order. They also help engage customers and increase sales. Here’s how to add product images to your catalogue…

Adding images

Go to Products, then select a product to edit.

You can add as many images as you like. The first image is the main image for the product. You can change this by dragging a different image to be first.

For best results use square images that are a minimum of 512 x 512 pixels. Larger images will appear higher quality

We also recommend using different images for each product, so it's clear to customers what they're ordering. E.g. if your products are a different size, use images that represent each size.

What will my customers see?

Customers will see your product images when ordering.

The main image is shown as a thumbnail on the product card. Customers can then choose to view all of the images at a larger size.

If you haven’t added any images for a product, your logo will be shown on the product card instead.

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