You can add marketing images to your supplier profile to showcase your brand and products. To make sure your images look their best, follow these quick tips.

Use the correct orientation

You can add up to 4 images. Each has a recommended orientation: landscape or portrait. Using the correct one for each image will avoid them being cropped.

Tip: when editing your profile, you can drag and drop images to reorder them.

Use large images

For best results, make sure your images are at least 1000 pixels wide for landscape, or at least 1000 pixels high for portrait. Smaller dimensions may appear poor quality on some screens.

Avoid images with text

Your images will be automatically resized and cropped to best suit the customer's screen size. Avoid using text as the focal point of an image, as part of it may end up being cropped on some screen sizes.

Preview your profile

We recommend previewing your profile on a few different screen sizes to make sure you’re happy with how your images look.

On smaller screens, fewer images will be shown. E.g. on a tablet 3 images are shown, and on a phone only 1 image is shown.

Where are my images shown?

If you're on our Logistics or Marketplace plan, images are shown on your supplier profile in the Upstock app.

For all plans (including free plans), images are shown in the list of wholesalers on the Upstock website:

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