Your newsfeed helps you to keep up to date with your suppliers, plus to discover new brands, products and promotions.

What do suppliers post?

Here are some examples of what you can expect to see:

  • Offers — limited time promos or discounts

  • Alerts — time sensitive info, such as shipping delays

  • Product updates — new or updated products

  • Free samples — new products available from the Upstock free sample store

  • New suppliers — new suppliers to available to order from

How it works?

Your newsfeed has two sections:

  • Your suppliers — this includes posts from your existing suppliers, as well as from the team at Upstock.

  • Discover — this includes posts from all suppliers on the Upstock. Discover new brands and their products. The marketplace has 100s of suppliers!

You can select order now on any post to start a new order. If it’s a new supplier, you’ll be connected first.

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