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Newsfeeds - connect with customers
Newsfeeds - connect with customers

Communicate more effectively with existing customers and promote your brand to new customers.

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Your newsfeed is a great way to communicate with your existing customers. You can post alerts, offers, product updates and more. You'll find your newsfeed in the main menu and in the dashboard.

You can also promote to new customers. This lets you reach a high value, targeted audience – our marketplace of wholesale buyers. Get in front of hospo and grocery buyers, right when they’re ordering.

Posting is free as an introductory offer. There will also be paid options in the future.

What can I post?

Post about anything that you’d like customers to see. Some examples are:

  • News - general updates about your company

  • Offers - limited time promos or discounts

  • Product updates - new or updated products

  • Free samples — new products available from the Upstock free sample store

  • Alerts - time sensitive info, such as shipping delays

Who will see my posts?

When you write a post, you can target a specific audience. The options are:

  • My customers - only buyers you are connected with

  • All buyers - all buyers on Upstock, both connected customers and non-connected customers

Where will my posts be shown?

Existing customers will see your posts in the your suppliers section of their newsfeed. This includes posts from all suppliers they’re connected to, similar to following someone on social media.

Prospective customers (and existing customers) will see your posts in the discover section of their newsfeed.

Posts are also shown on your supplier profile.

Currently, posts are only shown in the Upstock app – only logged in users will see posts, not the general public.


Adding a photo is a great way to help your posts stand out. Here are a few tips to make sure your photos look their best.

We recommend images at least 920px wide. This will ensure they appear high quality across a range of devices.

The dimensions don’t need to be exact. Photos will automatically be resized and cropped to fit the available space. Ideally, choose a landscape photo as it will result in less cropping.

How much does it cost?

This feature is available at no additional charge as part of our Logistics plan.

Use ChatGPT to create compelling Newsfeeds posts

Chat GPT is a great tool to help you quickly write interesting and compelling Newsfeeds posts.

  1. If you don't already have a ChatGPT account, you can create one here and then log in.

  2. It would be helpful to have ChatGPT open in one browser (or tab) and Upstock open in another.

  3. In Upstock, go to Newsfeeds > New post.

  4. In the Chat GPT type some prompts to get started. Remember you have a 300 character limit!

  5. For example, "Write a promotional post for easter, for a small coffee roastery. Maximum of 300 characters" returned: Join us at our cozy café this Easter season! Indulge in the delightful flavors of freshly roasted coffee beans. Let's celebrate the season together with every sip. Hop over to visit us and elevate your coffee experience today! 🐰☕️ #EasterAtTheCafé

  6. If you want to make it shorter, longer, more persuasive, less serious - whatever it is, you can keep prompting ChatGPT and it will keep building on it, until you have the perfect Newsfeeds post!

  7. Copy and paste the text from ChatGPT into the post in Upstock, and choose your audience.

  8. If you already have an image for the post, you can upload it now. Note: there are various free AI image generators online, if you want to create your own promotional images

  9. Make sure the preview looks good and then post.

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