Foodstuffs have requirements for what you need to included on invoices. This article will help you set up your Xero account to meet these requirements.

What are the requirements?

Here’s what you’ll need to include on you invoices to Foodstuffs…

  • The store code, with 'FM#' at the start

  • The store details under 'Deliver to'

  • Foodstuffs details under 'Bill to'

Note that the order might be billed to Foodstuffs North Island or Foodstuffs South Island, depending on where the store is located.

Create an invoice template

To include these details, you’ll need to add an invoice template in Xero. To save you time, we’ve created templates for Foodstuffs North Island or Foodstuffs South Island.

  1. Download the templates

  2. In Xero, click your company name, then go to SettingsInvoice settings

  3. Click the arrow next to New Branding Theme, then select Custom .docx.

  4. Enter a name for your template. E.g. ‘Foodstuffs - South Island’

  5. Under the new theme, click Upload

  6. Next to Invoices select the appropriate template upload

You can make any other changes to the templates we've provided, such as adding your business logo. For more on this, see this Xero help article.

Update store details

Next, update the contact details in Xero for each Foodstuffs store.

  1. Go to Contacts › View Contact › Edit

  2. Add the store number to the contact name

  3. Set the correct email address

    1. For North Island orders use:

    2. For South Island orders use:

  4. Set the Invoice Theme to the custom theme you created above

That’s it!

Upstock customers are matched up with Xero contacts, so when you approve an order, an invoice will be raised with the details set for the contact.

We’re here to help

If you need any help getting set up, please get in touch

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