One of the great things about Upstock is that orders can flow into other apps and be automatically processed, saving you loads of time 🙌🏽.

For this to happen, your products in Upstock need to be matched to products in your connected apps.

Matching a product

If you've import products from a connected app, they are automatically matched.

For Foodstuffs, you’ll need to choose a matching product. It’s a quick and easy process, and only needs to be done once.

If an order has products that need to be matched, this will be highlighted. You’ll need to match the products before the order can be approved. On the product, select match with Upstock product.

Next, choose the matching product in Upstock.

That's it! The products are matched and the order can be processed.

Viewing & editing matched products

You can easily check which products are matched on the product details page.

If you’ve accidentally matched a Foodstuffs product with the wrong Upstock product, you can unmatch them. This will remove the association between the products.

When you next process an order for the Foodstuffs product, you can choose a different product to match to.

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