Upstock offers a growing list of integrations to automate your workflow. When you connect another app, products in it are mapped to your products in Upstock.

This article covers how to manage product changes across your connected apps.

Checking which products are matched

It can be helpful to see how Upstock products relate to other apps. When viewing a product, go to the matched products tab. Learn more about product matching

Updating products in a connected app

If you’ve updated product details in Xero or Unleashed, you can import the changes into Upstock. Just go to products › import products.

The updated products will be indicated, along with details about what’s changed.

Updating products in Upstock

If you update the name or base price of a product, we’ll update it in Xero or Unleashed to match.

Product codes can't be updated in Upstock. If you need to change a product code, update it in the connect app, then import the changes.

A note on GST

All prices in Upstock are GST exclusive. If your prices in Xero include GST, we’ll convert prices when pulling changes from Xero or pushing changes from Upstock. This may result in small rounding differences. Learn more

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