Ordering in Upstock super simple and quick. You can order from all of your suppliers in a few taps — saving loads of time spent emailing, texting or calling.

Here’s a quick overview of how to order, plus some tips to speed up your workflow.

Adding products

To get started, tap the new order button.

Next, choose some products. You can browse products by favourites, by supplier or search for them. You'll only see products for your connected suppliers.

Add products you want and adjust the quantity.

Tip: you can order from multiple suppliers in one go — it’s a real time saver!

Reviewing your order

After you’ve added products, tap next to review your order.

At this point you can add a due date, comment or reference for the supplier. You may also see a note from the supplier, on delivery days, freight charges, etc.

Tip: prices are not shown in Upstock, due to the unique arrangements you have with each supplier. Learn more

When you’re ready, place the order. Upstock automatically splits your cart into separate orders, sent to each supplier.

Tracking your order

You’ll be notified when your order is updated. Here’s an overview of the order statuses and what they mean:


The order has been placed and is awaiting approval from the supplier.


The supplier has approved the order and is processing it.


The due date for the order has passed (only shown if an order is approved).


The supplier has shipped the order and it's on the way!


You have marked the order as received.

Each order also has a timeline which includes all updates and comments. This means everything about an order is in one place, easy for you to find.

Tip: Mark orders as received to keep track of everything that has been delivered. If there were any issues, leave a comment on the order.

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