Upstock offers a growing list of integrations to other apps. These allow data to flow between the connected apps and help automate your workflow.

Here’s an overview of the apps you can connect, plus the key features of each.


Connecting your Xero account lets you:

  • Automatically raise invoices for orders

  • Automatically send invoices to customers

  • Import customer contacts

  • Import products

Connecting your Xero account lets you automatically raise invoices for each order. When you approve an order from a customer, an invoice is automatically created, saving you having to manually enter it. When the order is shipped, the invoice is automatically sent to the customer.

The integration also makes it quick and easy to import your products and customers into Upstock, then keeps everything synced between the two systems.

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Connecting your Foodstuffs account lets you:

  • Receive Foodstuffs orders directly in Upstock

  • Print Foodstuffs compliant packing slips

  • Automatically push status updates to Foodstuffs Exchange

  • Check prices and be alerted to any price discrepancies

  • Automatically invoice Foodstuffs orders (if connected to Xero)

Connecting your Foodstuffs account allows Foodstuffs orders to flow into Upstock. No more manually re-keying orders!

You can process all your Foodstuffs orders with a few taps. Order status updates are pushed to the Foodstuffs Exchange. It also works alongside our Xero integration, allowing you to automatically invoice Foodstuffs stores.

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Connecting your Unleashed account lets you:

  • Automatically create a sale in Unleashed when a customer orders

  • Import customers

  • Import products

Connecting your Unleashed account, allows you to import products and customers so you can get up and running quickly on Upstock.

It also makes it easy to get orders into Unleashed, saving you having to manually enter them.

Learn more about our Unleashed integration

If you’d like to integrate with an app that isn’t directly supported, Upstock webhooks may help.

Webhooks are a way to send information between apps when an event occurs. This could then be used to automate a task in another app.

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