If you've connected your Unleashed account, you can export your Upstock orders to Unleashed, to save having to manually enter them. Orders are exported in the format Unleashed requires, making the process quick and easy.

Exporting from Upstock

To get started, go to Reports › Unleashed orders export report and choose a date range for the orders you want to export. All orders created in this period will be included.

The default option is since last export. This option is helpful, as it makes sure no orders are missed. Alternatively, you can enter a custom date range.

Once you’ve chosen a date range, a preview of the orders will be shown. Choose export full data to download a CSV file of the orders.

Importing into Unleashed

In Unleashed, go to your sales orders and choose import, then upload the file from Upstock.

The orders will be imported in the parked status.


If you’re using price lists in Upstock, or importing Foodstuffs orders, a price will be supplied in the export. If not, Unleashed calculates the price for each order line. This is based on the price tiers and discounts you have set in Unleashed.

Delivery addresses

Delivery addresses will appear on the imported orders if you have the correct settings in Unleashed.

First, make sure a delivery address is set for each customer. There are postal, physical and delivery addresses found within a customer’s profile.

Tip: If you need to update this for multiple customers, you can export your customer list, adjust it in a spreadsheet (i.e. duplicate physical address details to delivery address), then upload the changes.

Next, set the delivery address as customer's default delivery address.

Once this is complete, the delivery address will be automatically set when you import orders from Upstock.

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