The orders export report helps you get your Upstock orders into another app. This might be your accounting software, inventory management software, or a spreadsheet for analysis.

Selecting orders to export

To get started, choose a date range for the orders you want to export. All orders created in this period will be included.

The default option is since last export. This option is helpful if you're regularly exporting orders, as it makes sure no orders are missed. Alternatively, you can enter a custom date range.

Once you’ve chosen a date range, a preview of the orders will be shown.


The orders are exported as a CSV file, with detailed information for each order. Each row includes the following:

  • Customer

  • Customer ID

  • Order Number

  • Created Date

  • Delivery Date

  • Reference

  • Order Status

  • Product Name

  • Product Code

  • Quantity

  • Unit Amount

  • Line Amount

Custom fields

In some cases, the system you’re importing into may require additional fields for the import to work. E.g. the system may need a customer ID, delivery area or warehouse.

To achieve this, the extra fields can be added to customer profiles in Upstock. To add custom fields, please get in touch

Once custom fields are added, they will be included in the exported data. They will also show on each customer's profile in Upstock.

Give us feedback

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