Setting up Price Lists on Upstock

On our final call with you we will also take a look at Price lists which give you the ability to control pricing and availability of products to different customers. This could be simple pricing tiers, a customer type (ie. FMCG vs hospo) or used for seasonal catalogues.

Setting up price lists is super simple, especially if you do a few things beforehand.

On the call we will do a step by step walk through and set up which products need to be discounted by how much, for your specific customers.

So what do you need to set up?

Do you already use percentage discounting in Xero?

If so we could automatically set these up in Upstock for you. Please have the customers and discounts ready at the call so we can walk you through this.

Get a handle on what lists you need to create.

Figure out what you’re currently charging people. Maybe this is listed on that piece of paper pinned to the wall or you’ve created different product codes at different rates. We can consolidate them onto Upstock on the call. Again, please have a list of your tiers, rates and customers ready.

Want to learn more before the call?

Check out our Price lists deep dive which will give you a really good overview, tips and tricks and different ways Price lists can be used so you get the most value.

Have a go!

Feel free to get familiar and have a go before our call. Your business isn’t live yet so your clients won’t be affected in any way - and we can easily add, remove or edit the pricelists on the call.

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