The internal note field on an order is private to your business. Only users of your account can see it — not customers.

You can use them like a custom field. Some examples are:

  • Delivery area

  • Delivery instructions

  • Warehouse to ship from

  • Customer has overdue invoices

  • Assigned staff member

  • Custom order status

Adding a note

You can add a note when placing an order for a customer. On the confirm order page, click add tracking, reference... to show the note field.

Once the order has been placed, the note will show in the order summary. You can update the note by viewing the order.

Default notes

You can set a default internal note to appear on every order for a customer. Just add the note on the customer’s profile.

When you receive an order from the customer, the internal note will be pre-filled. This will also happen if you place an order on behalf of the customer.

If you update the default note on the customer's profile, the change will only apply to new orders.

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