Connecting your Foodstuffs account is a great time saver. Foodstuffs orders flow into Upstock and invoices are automatically raised. No more manually re-keying orders!

Below is an overview about what the integration does, how to get started, plus some tips for streamlining your workflow.

Connecting your account

To get started, you’ll need to authorise Upstock to connect to your Foodstuffs account. Please get in touch and we’ll help you with this.

Receiving orders

Once your account is connected, you’re ready to start receiving orders.

Foodstuffs stores place orders in the normal way, using the Foodstuffs Exchange. The orders then flow into Upstock, just like any other order.

When you update the status of an order in Upstock, it will automatically be updated on the Foodstuffs Exchange.


If your Xero account is connected, an invoice will automatically be raised when you approve an order.

Foodstuffs have requirements for what should be included on invoices to them. For more on this, check out our guide for setting up Xero to invoice Foodstuffs

Packing slips

Similar to invoices, Foodstuffs have requirements about what should be included on packing slips sent to their stores.

You can easily print a Foodstuffs compliant packing slip in Upstock. Just open the order and select print.

Editing orders

You can edit orders from Foodstuffs in the normal way. This is helpful if an order can only be partially fulfilled.

It’s important to note that Foodstuffs does not allow replacements, back orders, or oversupplying, i.e., they don’t allow new items to be added or quantities to be increased.

Special instructions

If a Foodstuffs store adds special instructions, these will appear as a comment on the order.

Cancelling an order

If you cancel an order, it will also be cancelled on the Foodstuffs Exchange. Foodstuffs recommend that you contact the store to inform them.

Customer notifications & comments

The Foodstuffs Exchange notifies stores when an order is updated. To avoid doubling up with this, Upstock does not send order notifications for Foodstuffs orders.

Commenting on Foodstuffs orders is not available. Many of the stores use a generic email address, so comment notifications would not be received by the store. If you need to discuss something with a Foodstuffs customer, please contact them directly.

Prices & price checks

The prices shown on Foodstuffs orders come from the Foodstuffs Exchange.

If you’re using our price lists feature, you can easily check that the Foodstuffs prices match what you expect.

If there is any discrepancy between the price from Foodstuffs and price list assigned to the customer in Upstock, this will be highlighted.

We recommend setting up a price lists for all your Foodstuffs customers and adding the prices you expect see. Remember, this won't set the prices on Foodstuffs orders, it will just help you check them.

Product availability

If any products in a Foodstuffs order are out of stock or discontinued, this will be highlighted. You can choose to edit the order and remove the items, or approve the order and fulfil them.

New customers

If you receive an order from a new Foodstuffs customer, we’ll automatically create an invite to trade with them. This gives you the opportunity to set up the customer, before processing their order.

If you decline the invite, we’ll cancel the order from the customer.

Matching products

To automatically process orders, your Foodstuffs products need to be mapped to your Upstock products. It’s a quick and easy process, and only needs to be done once.

If an order has products that need to be matched, this will be highlighted. You’ll need to match the products before the order can be approved.

On the product, select match with Upstock product.

Next, choose the matching product in Upstock.

That's it! The products are matched and the order can be processed.

The barcode from Foodstuffs will be added to the product details in Upstock. If you mistakenly matched the wrong product, please get in touch and we'll help you update it.

Give us feedback

We’d love to hear what you think about our Foodstuffs integration. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.

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