Upstock has a super-simple way to manage users access. There are two types of user access: full and limited.

We recently released limited access for buyer accounts. We’re currently working on a similar feature for suppliers. In the meantime, all users of a supplier account have full access.

Full access

Full access allows users to do anything and everything. There are no restrictions on any features.

Limited access coming soon

When it's released, limited access will allow staff to manage day-to-day orders, such as placing orders for customers, adding comments, and updating an order’s status.

All other features are restricted. Check the table below for a full summary of what’s available to users with limited access.

Summary of user access



Full access

Limited access


View orders

Place orders

Approve orders

Ship orders

View invoices

Add comments

Cancel orders

Price lists

View lists

Create lists


Edit lists



View details

Accept invites



View users


Edit user access


Invite users


View business profile

Edit business profile


Edit personal profile

Edit personal notifications

Get updates about this feature

If you’d like to be updated about how the limited access feature is progressing, please let us know. We'd also love to hear if you have any comments or suggestions.

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