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Reconciliation report

The reconciliation report compares what was ordered against what you’ve invoiced. It helps you check that you're getting paid for everything you ship!

If you’re using Xero, a link to each customer’s statement is included, to make the process even easier.

Reminder list

The reminder list tells you when your customers last ordered, and allows you to quickly remind them to reorder.

Reminders can be sent via email or text message. Each reminder includes a link for the customer to place their order with you.

If you prefer to call customers, you can also record when you last called.

Invite list

When your customers place orders using Upstock, it reduces your workload, increases order volumes, and helps avoid mistakes.

The invite report makes it easy to invite customers to order from you on Upstock.

You can invite customers via email, text message or QR code. Each invite includes a link for the customer to sign up and start placing orders with you.

The QR codes are handy for printed marketing or if you’re visiting the customer.

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