‘Quick add’ products are perfect for items you commonly add to a customer’s order, such as freight charges or bottle return refunds.

They’re readily available when processing an order and can be added with a tap 🙌🏽

How it works

Quick add products appear at the bottom of the items section on an order. Just click the product to add it to the order. Click again to increase the quantity.

If you make a mistake, these items can also be removed quickly! Just click the remove button on the order line.

Getting set up

To get started, let us know which products you’d like to quickly add. Chat with our team in Upstock or email support.

Once your products are set up, you may want to hide them on your price lists. This will prevent customers from adding the products, but they’ll still be available to you.

Tips & tricks

For refunds, such as bottle returns, set a negative price for the product.

For variable charges, add a product with a price of $1.00. When you fulfil the order, set the quantity accordingly. E.g. for a freight charge of $8.20, set the quantity to 8.2.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions we’re happy to help, just get in touch

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