There are a few ways to edit an order in Upstock. Here's an overview of what you can change, how to keep track of changes, plus some tips to speed up your workflow.

Editing details

To update order details, such as the reference or tracking number, just edit the field. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Editing items

If you can’t fulfil a product or need to make a replacement, you can edit the items that have been ordered.

At the bottom of the items section, click edit items. You can then add new items, remove existing items or adjust quantities. When you’re done click save.

You can make as many changes as you need, until the order is marked as shipped. Once it’s shipped the option to edit items is no longer available. We do this to keep a consistent record for both you and your customers.

Quick add items

To speed up your workflow, you can set up products to be quickly added. This is handy for products you frequently add, such as freight charges.

Once set up, the products will appear at the bottom of the items section. Just click the product to add it to an order. Click again to increase the quantity.

If you make a mistake, these items can also be removed quickly! Just click the remove button on the order line.

To get started, let us know which products you'd like to quickly add.

Keeping track of changes

If items have been edited, this will be indicated at the top of the items section.

A record of all changes to items will be listed in the timeline section. Select show changes to view what’s been added, removed or adjusted.

What will my customers see?

Your customers can view what's changed in the order timeline, just like you can. They can do this regardless of whether they have signed up for Upstock.

When an order is shipped, we notify your customer that it's on the way. If items were edited, we’ll mention this in the email.

If you need to let customers know why you've made changes, comments are a great way to do this. They're quick to add and help keep everything together on the order.

Give us feedback

We'd love to hear what you think about editing orders. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.

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