If you’re running low on stock, or no longer sell a product, it’s easy to let your customers know.

Updating product availability

You products are organised based on their availability:

available, out of stock, discontinued

To update a product's availability, select the product and move it to another group. You can update multiple products in one go.

What will my customers see?

If a product is out of stock, your customers will still see the product, but won't be able to order it.

If a product is discontinued, it will be hidden. Customers will not see it listed when placing an order or viewing your profile.

Customers may have previously added the product in their favourites. In this case, we'll let them know it isn't available anymore.

How does it work with price lists?

Updating product availability affects all price lists. If a product is discontinued, you won't see it when managing a price list or placing an order for a customer.

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