To print a packing slip, just open and order and click Print.

The order will then be marked as printed in your orders list.

Packing slips vs. invoices

If your Xero account is connected, you’ll have access to both Upstock packing slips and Xero invoices. Invoices usually include prices and payment instructions, while packing slips don’t include prices.

You can choose which document you print and send to customers — whatever suits your business.

To view and print an invoice, open the order and click the invoice link.

If you print an invoice, the order will also be marked as printed.

Folding for packing slip envelopes

The packing slip is design to be used with a packing slip envelope. When the packing slip is folded as shown below, the delivery details are shown in the top left corner.

Printing tips

It’s a good idea to review your browser's print settings when you go to print. Check that the paper size is set correctly (eg A4). You may also want to turn on page numbers, to avoid pages getting lost during the pick and pack process.

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