Upstock provides integration with Xero to synchronise products and customers, and to generate invoices for Orders. See how to integrate here.

Upstock creates a draft invoice when an order is set to "processing" and approves the invoice when the order is set to "shipped". Optionally, Upstock can tell Xero to email the invoice once the order is set to "shipped".

How are invoices created?

Upstock generates an in Xero automatically for you when an order is approved or when you enter an order on behalf of one of your customers.

Upstock will create a draft invoice with all of the items in the order following these rules:

Who is the invoice made out to

If the customer in Upstock is linked in upstock we will use the linked contact

If the customer in Upstock isn't linked to a Xero contact then we will try to find a contact with the exact same name

If an exact match doesn't exist we will create a contact and link to them

What is invoiced

We add all items from your order to the invoice.

What date is used

We use the shipping date that is set in the order.

What pricing and discounts are used

Suppliers without price lists enabled

We use the item prices from Xero and any discounts associated with the Xero contact

Suppliers with price lists enabled

We use the item prices from the Upstock price list for that customer. We do not apply Xero discounts.

Read more about price lists here.

When are invoices approved?

Invoices are approved when an order is marked as shipped in Upstock.

Showing invoices on orders

You can choose to show the invoice to the person ordering in Settings › Order settings

When this option is selected, a link to the invoice PDF will show on orders. The link is added when an order is marked as shipped.

Sending invoices to the Xero contact

You can also email the invoice to Xero contact associated with a customer. This is helpful if the person dealing with the accounts is different from the person ordering.

The invoice will be emailed to the primary contact in Xero when an order is marked as shipped.

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