Importing products helps you get set up quickly and allows your orders to flow into connected app and be automatically processed 🙌🏽.

How to import products

After connecting your other apps, the next step is to import your products.

  1. Go to Products › Import products

  2. Select the products you want to be available to customers

  3. Select Review and confirm

Tip: If you have a large product list, you don’t need to import it all in one go. You can return to import more products at any time.

Product names

Clear, detailed product names help your customers find what they want and avoid ordering the wrong items by mistake.

You can update product names during the import process. We’ll flag any products that have duplicate or missing names — Upstock requires each product to have a unique name.

Tip: remember to include the quantity and units in the name, e.g. Cola 15 x 250ml

Xero sales accounts

If you’re importing from Xero, each product needs a sales account set in Xero.

Sales accounts are used to classify transactions, so you can track and report on sales. They’re needed in Upstock to automatically raise invoices.

We’ll flag any products that don’t have a sales account and skip importing them. If you want to import them, edit the products in Xero and add a sales account, then run the import again.

What happens next?

Each imported product is automatically matched with a product in the connected app. This allows your order data to flow into the connected app and create a sale, invoice, etc.

If you need to change a product name, code or price, check out our guide to updating products

We’re here to help

If you have any questions, please email support or chat with us in the app.

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