One of the great things about Upstock is that you can order from all of your suppliers in one go! You can even place orders for suppliers that aren’t using Upstock.

How to add suppliers

1. Go to SuppliersAdd supplier

2.Use the search bar to find the supplier you're looking for

3. If they aren't already in the supplier directory you can add any supplier by just typing their name and clicking save. We'll add their products (this can sometimes take a few days), then you'll get notified when you can start ordering.

What happens if a supplier isn’t using Upstock?

You can place orders in the normal way. We’ll email your order to the supplier.

You won’t get status updates that an order is Processing, Shipped, or Overdue, until the supplier joins Upstock. But you can still mark any order as Received.

If the supplier replies to a comment, you’ll receive this as an email, but it won’t appear in the order timeline.

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