Connecting your Xero account lets you automatically create invoices for every order, saving you having to manually enter them.

It also lets you import your existing products and contacts, making it a breeze to get up and running on Upstock 🏃🏽‍♀️

Quick start guide

To connect your Xero account, go to Settings › Integrations.

Once your account is connected, your contacts can be imported. The team at Upstock will do this for you. Learn more

To import your products, go to Products › Import products. For tips and trick, check out our guide. If you're using price lists, you can then customise the products and prices offered to customers.


  1. A customer places an order using the Upstock app.

  2. When you approve the order, a draft invoice is automatically created.

  3. Any changes you make to the order are automatically synced to the invoice.

  4. When you mark the order as shipped, the invoice is approved automatically.

Invoice details

Invoice recipient

The Xero contact matched with the Upstock customer

Invoice date

The delivery due date on the order

Invoice due date

Based on the payment terms for the Xero contact. If these are not, it will default to the delivery due date.


The Upstock order number

Line items

All items included in the order

Pricing & discounts

The customer's price list in Upstock (if you're using that feature) or the prices & discounts you have set in Xero.

Tip: If you'd like different settings for the invoice date, due date, or when the invoice is approved, please get in touch.

Pricing & discounts

If you're using our price lists feature, these prices will be used instead of the prices and discounts you have in Xero.

Customers will not see any discounts you set on price lists, just the final sale price. The name you give a price list is also be hidden from customers.

If you're not using price lists, the prices and discounts you have in Xero will be used for invoices.

Invoice settings

You can choose to show the invoice to the person ordering in Settings › Order settings. A link to the invoice PDF will show on an order when it's shipped.

You can also email the invoice to Xero contact associated with a customer. This is helpful if the person dealing with the accounts is different from the person ordering. The invoice will be emailed to the primary contact in Xero when an order is shipped.

Tip: there are other integration settings available that our team can set for you. If you'd like different settings for the invoice date, due date, or when it gets approved, please get in touch.

Consolidating invoices

If your customers order frequently, it may not be practical to raise a separate invoice for every order. To provide a nicer experience for your customers, you can turn on consolidated invoices. See how it works

Matching customers

Each of your customers in Upstock are matched to a customer in Xero. This is needed to automatically raise invoices for them. You can manage which customers are match. See how it works

Give us feedback

We’d love to hear what you think about our Xero integration. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.

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